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When you buy songs from our music library you are automatically registered as the owner of a royalty-free license for your purchased songs.

Perfect for use such as for your Youtube channel, yoga classes, guided meditaions, wellness treatments and any project that needs healing music.

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Content Creator/Storyteller
-Age 29
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Easy to navigate, the music is very high quality, the YouTube community is very uplifting I use your music as background music and also in guided meditations for my children's series.
Mindfulness meditation teacher
-Age 47
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Beautiful and reasonably priced. I use the tracks as background music for meditation and yoga Nidra recordings.
Account manager / hypnotherapist
-Age 26
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I use the music for hypnosis recordings. I like that it's sorted in frequencies and that there's not "too much going on." It can be difficult to find relaxing, soul touching music that compliments the voice over.
Video editor
-Age 30
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Beautiful music discovered via google search, used for meditations.

Chill Vibration

We at ChillVibration.com are interested in sharing music that will help you and your business to create an atmosphere of healing, relaxation, expansion, and growth.

Our music is composed to slow down the heartbeat, relieve stress, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Our music will be perfectly suited for projects such as:

Background music for relaxation, sleep, spa, meditation, yoga or any other projects that need beautiful, healing and comforting music.

Christine & Hanne