Every individual is well acquainted with their own emotional and physical body, as we have felt it, used it and experienced it since birth. We spend a lot of time throughout our lives to understand, develop and act according to our emotional and physical needs and desires. We learn about ourselves and our needs, and respond to it with our best ability. This is what growth is – a lifelong process of introspection and response to what we figure out about ourselves along the way.

In the western society the main focus is on the physical and emotional body. In the field of science we discover new aspects and layers about the human body and experience all the time. We are a mystery to be lived and unfolded. Even though we do not fully understand the complexity of our own being, we want to take into consideration that there is yet another layer of our being that needs awareness and careful gardening if we as a whole wish to experience a more profound and balanced outlook on our self and life.

If we listen to the teachings from different cultures such as the Indian yogi system, Tibetans, the Mayans and the Zoroastrian they would have told us that the body is more than a physical and emotional state of being. Emotion is energy, and we have an energetic body- or a light body that consists of various energy fields.

In the following article we invite you to take a deeper look on what these teachings can tell us about ourselves.

In Yogic tradition it is commonly believed that we have 7 bigger chakras and 21 smaller chakras throughout the body, and every energy field is responsible for their own experience or information input. There are also 72 000 smaller and more subtle energy fields within our body. These energetic channels are called nadis and meridians. The nadis and meridians are responsible for the transportation and flow of prana, or lifeforce energy.

In the perspective of physics, all matter is frozen light. We are light bodies, and everything we eat is light vibrating at a certain speed. Even though we perceive ourselves as solid, we are actually energy. We know that matter and energy are different sides of the same coin.

Does it make sense to you that your physical body is energetically communicating with the world within and around you? If so, let’s have a deeper look at your energetic centers or vortexes called chakras.

Every human being has “divinity” that is the same essence as the source of the cosmos. Our bodies act as temporary bodies for the journey of our souls. We came to Earth in order to go forward and complete the journey of our soul. Although our physical bodies have their limitations they also contain the necessary tools to propel our souls toward completion of the journey. The difficulties and trials that come with the human body are actually blessings, propelling our soul’s expansive growth.

Ilchi Lee, Healing Chakras

As the ancients knew, we are not only physical beings. Every human has a rainbow-colored energy field around them that is called aura. The aura is connected to the body with the help of our personal energy centers, the chakras. We can say that the aura is an extension of the chakras.

The word chakra derives from Sanskrit and can be translated to «Wheels of light”. The aura, chakras, meridians and nadis are our energetic channels of life force and information. With practice you can feel the energetic centers in your body.

With modern technology it is possible to measure the amount of electromagnetic field that is radiating from your body. From the top of your head to the bottom of your spine, there is an electric charge around 400 voltages. This is part of our electromagnetic field/ aura. Studies have shown that our aura stretches out up to nine meters from your body. All living beings have an energetic field (aura) surrounding them. We are charged by a life force energy that is in resonance with the energy from nature and cosmos.

This means that when you are walking through the world of life, you are constantly receiving energy and transmitting energy. The transmission of energy happens through our chakras.

Have you noticed that you can feel exhausted or overflooded with energy after walking through a stream of humans, either in a big city, the shopping mall etc. It is not only our senses and brain that filters information, we also receive and transmit information through our chakras and aura. From the aura of all living beings we can gather information concerning health, creativity and future.

Life is deeply complex, intelligent and interconnected.

For the skeptics there is a large amount of scientific proof that confirms the existence of our energetic body. One example is the experiment of Dr. W.J. Kilner from St. Thomas`s Hospital in London. He developed something called a “Dicyanin screen”. It is a lens that is painted with a dye that is made of coal and tar. This has an astonishing effect on the human eye that again allows us to comprehend ultraviolet frequencies. With this machine we can observe the electromagnetic field radiating from the body. In the east this is what they call the aura. He published a book called “The human atmosphere”.

Let us have a closer look at the chakras:

Consider your seven significant chakras heaped up like a sort of pyramid – with your first chakra making the wide and overpowering base of the pyramid, and the highest one in your body, your seventh chakra, addressing the most astounding tip of the pyramid.

Each chakra also identifies with a sense and an element:

Root Chakra = smell/earth
Sacral Chakra = taste/water
Solar Plexus Chakra = find/fire
Heart Chakra = touch/air
Throat Chakra = hearing/sound
Third Eye Chakra = “sixth sense”/light
Crown Chakra = No element/ Silence

The chakras has three states of being: Balanced, too active or underactive.

When the chakras are in balance, the energy flows at the right frequency, and your body, emotions and life are in harmony. Your health is vibrant and life in general flows with ease and joy. What you experience internally will be reflected in your external world – your purpose, relationships and outlook on life feels harmonic and fulfilling. 

When the chakras are either too active or underactive, it means that there is too much energy that passes through them, or not enough energy flow. This again will manifest as emotional and physical distress and disease. One efficient way to balance your chakras is through sound healing. Let’s have a deeper look at how it works and how we can heal the chakras with sound.

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