Physical & Emotional Healing

Frequency Based Healing Music We deliver activation frequencies music specifically for prayer, meditation and balancing the Chakras. We use beautiful nature footage, affirmation photos, and prayers to create a relaxing and loving safe space for you to go deep within yourself. We share our creations for free on our youtube channel.

Life Changing Information

Modern Science And Ancient Wisdom Combined How does one create a life of balance, prosperity, connections, and abundance, and at the same time shedding negative habits in a fulfilling way? We provide a library on self healing including; Chakra wisdom, sound healing, the power of prayer and meditation.  We aim to deliver you information with […]

How to create beautiful Thumbnails

CREATING THE PERFECT THUMBNAIL FOR YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO Channel art, header photo, thumbnails and profile picture, can help a video and channel make it or break it. On youtube the competition is very high, and it is important to figure out how to create something that helps you to stand out from the crowd. People usually scroll […]