Within the human experience we all accumulate different degrees of trauma, fears and insecurities that cause imbalance and upsets our energy body. Life is beyond anyone’s control, but we have a tendency to cling and hold on to both the negative and positive experiences as a means to feel we are in control. As we hold on to different experiences, we are storing the energy of it in our body. Energy is meant to flow to and through us, and not get stuck within us. When this happens, our life force (prana), does not flow freely throughout our body. When life force is not flowing freely it will affect your chakra system, and again make us exposed to physical, emotional and mental ailments. Every cell in the body absorbs and emits sound with specific frequency, and each chakra vibrates at different frequencies, just as music and sounds vibrate at different frequencies. This makes music, and music therapy a really good ally to balance, heal and restore your chakra system back to its original health. Your chakras will again influence your overall health and personal vibration immensely. The right sounds will align with different chakras when their frequency is in resonance with each other.

When you expose your body to sounds with specific frequencies that vibrate within the optimum range of vibration in each chakra, your chakra will realign with the frequency it is exposed to. This phenomenon is known as harmonic resonance. Much like when you have two guitars in one room, and you play a particular string on one guitar, making the same string on the other guitar automatically play along. When we are in resonance, we are in balance.

Sound healing is a therapeutic method that uses sound to harmonize the mind and body of a person. During a sound healing session the sound healer can use different instruments and frequencies to balance the chakras. 

Sound healing is a very efficient and powerful tool for balancing and healing the chakras. There are no rules as to where and how you should listen to chakra healing music. The more you listen to chakra frequencies, mantras or chant seed mantras or vowels, the quicker your chakras will resonate to that vibration.

Sound therapy is an important tool for healing the chakras, however if the problem as to why the chakras are out of balance still remains in your life, your chakras will stay unbalanced. In that case it is important to seek additional help from a professional therapist or a support group.

In any case where music is used as a tool in a therapy session of a professional therapist or support group, chakra healing music will have the ability to enhance and support the healing process further

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