In the universe there are two primary elements of vibration which are sound and color. Each chakra is associated with a unique combination of these two primary elements. The chakras work together to maintain balance in the body, as they spin clockwise at different speeds. This causes them to vibrate at different frequencies that again invoke their associated color and sound.

Everything in this universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Some frequencies will create disease in your chakra system, and some frequencies will create harmony in your chakra system. When we use frequency to heal a specific chakra, we use frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with healthy chakras. This harmonic resonance occurs because the external frequency wave comes into contact with the chakra, and it causes the chakra to vibrate at the same frequency as the external frequency wave. The Solfeggio Scale is one of the frequency scales that has proven to be effective to restore balance to the chakra system.

Here is a list of colors and frequencies that resonate with different chakras:

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