When we use a specific frequency to heal the root chakra, we use frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with the subtle energy system of the root chakra. This harmonic resonance occurs because the external frequency wave comes into contact with the root chakra, and it causes the root chakra to vibrate at the same frequency as the external frequency wave. The 396 Hz in the Solfeggio Scale is one of the frequencies that has proven to be effective to restore balance in the root chakra. Another frequency is 432 Hz.

396 Hz (Ut) – Liberating Guilt and Fear

This frequency is known for liberating guilt and fear. Additionally, it can be used for achieving goals, since it helps to clear obstacles that stem from feelings of fear, guilt, grief or worrying. It helps to bring down defense mechanisms and is great for grounding, sobering and returning to reality.

It is no wonder that this tone resonates with the root chakra. The root chakra is what anchors, or grounds us. When it’s open, you’ll find yourself feeling more stable, and better able to take care of yourself.

When listening to this particular frequency, it can help to be aware of your body’s physical contact with the ground.

432 Hz – The Earth Frequency

432 Hz resonates musically with the Schuman resonance at 8 Hz, also referred to as the heartbeat of the earth. The reason why 432 Hz and the 8 Hz of the Schuman resonance resonate with each other is because if we tune an instrument to 432 Hz and play a C note, we get 256 Hz. Due to the sympathetic resonance of the overtone of the note, it will produce another C at exactly 8 Hz. Any music produced at 432 Hz will be in harmony with the frequency of Earth, and thus have a healing impact on the listener.

We know that the root chakra is responsible for the energy flow from the earth into our body, as well as our energetic connection back to the earth. It is no wonder that music tuned to 432 Hz has a healing effect on the root chakra, and the overall well-being of the listener.

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