The key or musical note that resonates with the root chakra is C and C#.

This means that any singing bowls, tuning forks, gong or other instruments tuned in a C will be in harmonic resonance with the root chakra, and therefore have the ability to restore the root chakra back into balance.

There are several instruments that can be used for root chakra healing. The first one is the drum. Playing, listening or moving to the beat of a drum have the power to clear away stagnant or excessive energy in the root chakra. All types of drums can be used as a means to balance and support the root chakra, however more traditional drums such as shamanic drums and djembe will be especially powerful.

The drum establishes the rhythm and foundation for musical compositions in the same way that the root chakra creates the foundation and base for all of the other chakras.

The drum, or the rhythm a drum makes, has the power to bring a group of people into the same rhythm. This makes the drum a powerful ally to feel connected with both other humans, but also to the earth. According to archeologists, we humans have used drums in different settings as an instrument for over 9000 years. This makes drums the first instrument that humans developed and used.

The didgeridoo is another powerful earth instrument one can listen to or play for balancing the chakras. The didgeridoo produces a wide range of frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with the internal vibration of the subtle chakra system. By playing or listening to a didgeridoo that holds the C note, you are helping and facilitating the release of energetic and emotional stagnation in the root chakra. This again will entrain the root chakra into attunement and balance.

The rattle is another mysterious sound healing tool that has the power to heal the root chakra and clear away any negative energy that needs to go. Compared to the drum, the rattle is seen as the instrument that comes in to finish a nearly completed job, and deal with what’s left over. It is an instrument that contains all the elements; earth, air, water and fire.

In shamanic practices the rattle is used to cleanse and purify, and call home parts of the soul that have been lost in the past, in a particular place or in a relationship. It is also used in ceremonies to call in spirits, helpers, allies and guides.

When you use the rattle for root chakra healing, shake it up and down in the abdominal area and become aware of the feeling that comes up as you do. If there is anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear that is stored in the root chakra, stay with it. Be present with it. Allow yourself to feel it. When you have identified the feelings stuck in your root chakra, you can choose to release them to the earth, sky, or spirit world.

Another way to work with the rattle for healing the root chakra is to dance with it. Dance connects you to your body, your surroundings and particularly your inner warrior. Hold one or two rattles in your hand and start moving. Become conscious of your body and in particular your feets. Feel how the earth holds you. Stomp, move, shake your feet in rhythm with the rattles in your hands. Dance and move out your anger, shame, rage, fear and sadness.

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