When we use a specific frequency to heal the sacral chakra, we use frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with the subtle energy system of the sacral chakra, and it causes the sacral chakra to vibrate at the same frequency as the soundwave of the external frequency.

The 417 Hz in the Solfeggio Scale is one of the frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with the sacral chakra. Another frequency is 480 Hz. Read more about how frequency healing on the chakras work here.


417 Hz is associated with undoing situations and facilitating change. This frequency can clear the destructive influences from past events and will energize the body, helping to revive your creative potential.
The tone will help us to relate to our own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around us. When listening to this frequency it will assist the sacral chakra in being restored into balance, and allow the listener to enhance their creativity and sexual energy.

Read more about the solfeggio frequency here.

480 Hz is another frequency that is in harmonic resonance with the sacral chakra. This is due to the color associated with the sacral chakra. We know that color and sound are frequencies perceived by different senses in our body, but it is initially the same thing relative to our perception. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, and the wavelength interval of orange is 635-590 nm. When we translate that into a frequency interval of sound it turns into 480-510 THz. When testing this on the chakra system, 480 Hz turned out to be the frequency in harmonic resonance with the sacral chakra.

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