The element of the solar plexus is fire. It is through the solar plexus we store sun energy charged with life force. Go outside, and consciously bathe in the sunlight. Close your eyes and feel how the sun dissolves all tension in your body, and fills you up with life force energy.

Another way to use the element of fire to restore balance to this chakra is to light a fire. If you feel confident in lighting a fire outside you can go to your favorite nature spot and light a campfire(safely) there. Sit down with the fire and become aware of how you feel. If there is something in you that needs to be accepted, healed and released, do it in front of the fire. Look into the fire, listen to the sounds, and feel how all your emotions get transformed in the presence of the fire.

A candle or a fire in your indoor stove may also do the trick if you do not have the access or skill to light a fire outside in nature.

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