Sound healing is a therapeutic method that uses sound to harmonize the mind and body of a person. During a sound healing session the sound healer can use different instruments and frequencies to balance the chakras. Read more about how and why sound healing is an effective tool to heal the chakras here.

When sound healing is used to balance the root chakra there are different approaches to take. There are different instruments that can be used, musical notes, frequencies, and natural sounds from the earth that all correspond to the energy signature of the root chakra. Let us have a look at each and one of them.

  • Key: C and C#
  • Instruments: Drum, didgeridoo, rattles,
  • Frequencies: Solfeggio Frequency 396 Hz & 432 Hz
  • Seed mantra: LAM
  • Vowel: UH

There is no greater sound healer for the root chakra than the natural sounds and frequencies of mother earth. The root chakra is your energetic connection with mother earth. Heal and restore balance to the root chakra by being outside in nature, feel the earth underneath your feet, breathe in the clean air of the forest and listen to the natural sounds surrounding you.
Allow the earth to heal you and charge your body with life force energy.

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