• Are you a content creator? Or is there a dream in your heart to become one?
  • Where to begin? How can you make a living from your creative gifts and expression?
  • Would you like to explore further how you can create, do what you love, and at the same time earn a sustainable income?

This is a beautiful time in our history where there are so many opportunities to make an income that does not involve 9-5, or selling your Soul to the corporate ladder. It is a time where entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and content creators can thrive in a way that is free and beautiful.

We have been running a successful youtube channel (Self Healing Collective) for soon five years now – doing what we love and at the same time earning a sustainable income, and now we want to share with you how we did it and help you get started in creating your very own successful channel.

Create a channel that delivers something that YOU are passionate about.

What makes your heart glow with excitement?
What can you learn about and spend hours on end doing, simply because it brings you joy, inspiration and meaning? What lights YOU up?

You are unique, and you have a unique gift to give to this collective tribe.
What is your gift? What is your joy? What is your passion?

If you haven’t found your gift, joy and passion yet, do that first.
Write a list. Go on a self-exploration journey. Go within to discover what your Soul longs to share, longs to unfold, longs to keep on doing and learning about.

Do not try to fit your channel and content to what you think people will click on, or what will make you a millionaire overnight. See yourself and your channel as a lighthouse, and a lighthouse does not run around the island trying to find boats to shine their light on, it stands firmly, shining bright in its power no matter the circumstance. When you do your thing you are shining your light. And the “boats”, the right people will find YOU and your channel! This is how you create a successful channel, and therefore it is the most important step.

Know your “why”.

Why do you want to do this? What is your dream? What motivates you?
Be honest with yourself. The path of creating growth on youtube is a long path. We at Self-HealingCollective had to “fail” for two years without any results. However, we had a really strong “why” and refused to give up. We gave ourselves 10 years to succeed. It took 2 years. How long are you willing to face failure before you see any success?

When you have discovered your gift, passion and know your why, it’s time to move over to
the practical side.

Every successful Youtube channel needs a good name!

Choose your name wisely. Give it some thought and consideration. Pick a name that describes the content you will deliver, but also creates curiosity and stands out from the crowd. The most difficult part in making it on Youtube is the first 1000 subscribers milestone. Your brand/channel name has a huge impact on the growth of your channel in the beginning.

Find your niche within the subject you want to share.

Try to make your niche as small as possible when you are starting from scratch building up your channel. What do we mean by a small niche?
Find a topic that has untapped potential with the subject that you are passionate about. If yoga is your thing and passion, you have high competition on Youtube, there are many good Yoga teachers out there, with a big loyal subscriber crowd – How can you stand out?

Target specific groups that needs yoga, like: “10 min Yoga for horse riders” or “20 min Yoga to enhance your concentration before your midterm exam”.

When you are developing your target audience, do not try to do what others have done before you, but instead figure out a way to stand out from the crowd, creating from your heart. Your gift is unique, and therefore you should create through your youtube channel your uniqueness.

The game of Youtube is a marathon, not a sprint!

When you have found your target audience, it’s time to do some planning. Create a long-term plan with goals and milestones.

What will you create in 1 week? 3 weeks? 2 months? What will you create in a year or two? What will it look like? How do you envision yourself and your business in 10 years? How many viewers and subscribers do you have?

Now is the time to put all your planning into action. Start creating content!

Make your dreams, ideas and planning into videos. So what do you need to create a video?

  • You’ll need a video software to edit your video.
  • You’ll need a really good song to really set the mood and create the right kind of
    atmosphere for your viewers. (Use the discount code you received from us and receive
    90% discount on your chosen song from our royalty-free music library
  • You will also need software that supports photo editing, as a good thumbnail will determine
    the first impression people get from your video.
  • And last but not least, you need to find good royalty-free photos to create into thumbnails. If
    you are just starting and do not have the funds, start with a free site like pixabay.com

Be ahead of yourself and create 3-10 videoes before you post your first.

Once you made your first video and you got the feel on how to do it, make at least 3 more before you post your first video and make your channel official. This is to give yourself a head start. Consistency is the key to success in the world of Youtube, subscriber growth, and ranking.

Yes, consistency is really the key.

Be consistent. Make a plan of how often you will post a video and what day(s) are your video-release days. This will give your subscribers predictability, and again affect your view numbers positively. Once you have established your scheduled release day(s), stick to your plan!

Learn something new everyday!

As you are creating content for your channel, make sure you are also learning something new everyday that relates to your channel and self-development! This one is important. You have to be really eager to learn! To be on youtube you need to master digital arts such as; video-editing, photo editing, music, communication, and business. Youtube is all about community. The more you can give your community the more your community will grow! Listen to people who have walked this path before you, and figure out how to make it into your own.


If something does not work, change your angle, learn from your mistakes, then try again. Do this over and over again until you make it! In the end it will require a lot of faith, in yourself, in life and in the universe to become successful at Youtube. Allow your faith and determination to carry you, even if you cannot see the results yet. Have faith that YOU got what it takes.