Royalty Free Instrumental Music

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Most of the royalty-free music we offer fits this category - instrumental music. Here you will find a solid collection of royalty-free healing music: solfeggio frequency music, meditation music, relaxing background music, and ambient music that was recorded/produced without vocals. Maybe you need royalty-free music for youtube videos? Relaxing background music for your self-help or spoken word production? Healing music to accompany a nature video, ambient soundscapes for software productions, or peaceful instrumental music for holistic healing practices? Surely, this category will have something for you. Some of the compositions were specifically made to be in harmony with a certain healing frequency. Frequencies like the well-known 432 Hz, as well as the solfeggio frequencies; 528 Hz, 639 Hz, and 963 Hz. Dissolve tension and let the healing frequencies take you on a beautiful journey.