396 Hz Powerful Energy Cleanse


08:59 Min Short Version – 31$

30 Min Version – 33$

60 Min Version – 34$

396 Hz Powerful Energy Cleanse is a gentle shamanic song composed to cleanse, clear, and remove all stuck and stagnate energy from the body, mind, soul, including the surrounding space. With a combination of ethnic instruments such as the Sikus flute, native flutes, rattles, rainstick, bells and singing bowls, vowen carefully together with the harmony of the hang drum and the vocals and pure intentions of healing from a shamanic sound healer, the listeners will feel great relief, relaxation, and healing.

The music is composed in the healing Solfeggio frequency of 396 Hz to further assist with the healing process of the listeners. This deeply healing frequency resonates with the root chakra, and this is the place where fear, trauma related to family issues, and lack of safety and belonging are stored. Listening to music composed in this tone will help bring safety, grounding, and healing of family trauma.


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