396 Hz River Of Love


07:55 Min Short 396 Hz Version – 31$
30 Min 396 Hz Version – 33$
60 Min 396 Hz Version – 34$

This music was carefully produced in tune with the solfeggio frequency of 396 hz, with the purpose of creating a suitable atmosphere to work deeply with the root chakra. This frequency is very powerful to release our fears and energetic blockages, creating a safe and calm environment to balance our root chakra, opening space within us so that light can flow freely through our whole being, allowing us to be guided by the energy of life force and joy.

It is a rich and harmonious composition, consisting of soft female voices, Irish flutes, Harp, piano and handpan. Together, these elements create a calm and balanced soundscape that fills the space with healing vibrations; thus, making it the perfect royalty free solfeggio frequency music for content creation within the fields of holistic healing, different therapies and wellness practices.

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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 60 Min Version