963 Hz Cosmic Consciousness


10:40 Min Short 963 Hz Version – 20$

30 Min 963 Hz Version – 22$

60 Min 963 Hz Version – 23$

963 Hz Cosmic Consciousness is an ethereal and calm composition that will help the listeners enter into higher states of consciousness. The song is tuned in 963 Hz, also called the God frequency. This frequency resonates with the crown chakra, and listening to this song will open the crown chakra to the cosmos, their higher selves, guides, and non-physical reality.
The song has a high vibrational ambiance, a gentle handpan, flute, and singing bowls, making it the perfect background song for any healing modality, or spiritual practice that aims to bridge the physical to the spiritual, matter and energy, body, and soul.

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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 60 Min Version