963 Hz Cosmic Law


08:51 Min Short 963 Hz Version – 20$

30 Min 963 Hz Version – 22$

60 Min 963 Hz Version – 23$

“963 Hz Cosmic Law” is an emotional and celestial Royalty-Free Frequency music for deep Healing. Through this special sound journey, we can enter to navigate through the Great Mystery of the Cosmos, connecting with the divinity that dwells in everything. 

This music is delicately designed in the solfeggio frequency of 963Hz, whose vibration is in pure resonance with the subtle and spiritual worlds. With this vibration we can empower and expand the light of our third eye, deeply activating our pineal gland. Therefore, we can consider this frequency as a gateway to the cosmic worlds, allowing us to enter through our crown chakra in resonance with our purest essence, creating a path to return home, to return to Unity. 

This song is composed with the gentle sounds of a Celtic harp, accompanied by the peaceful color of a piano, and the flowing sound of a traverse flute, creating a harmonious atmosphere to accompany your meditations.

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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 60 Min Version