963 Hz Return To Peace


05:11  Min Short Version – 40$

30 Min Version – 43$

60 Min Version – 44$

963 Hz Return To Peace is an incredibly beautiful, relaxing, and serene song composed in the ancient Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz. This is the frequency called the God frequency, as it is in resonance with the Crown chakra, opening you up to a higher state of consciousness. It’s the perfect background ambiance for containers that wants to create a peaceful, safe and healing space for their clients. With instruments such as bansuri flute, bells, singingbowls, piano, rainstick, bamboo chimes, and hangdrum, combined with a gentle serene female vocal and deeply relaxing ambiance, it will leave the listener in a peaceful state of being.


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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 60 Min Version