Compassionate Listening


7 Min Short Version: 18$

30 Min Version: 20$

1 Hour Version: 24$

20 min 528 Hz Version: 22$



In this relaxing music you can hear a stable synth drone foundation, with mystical and soothing sounds layered on top. The slow, sustained melodies, cyclical movements of harmonies and the dreamy ambiance are deeply relaxing and almost hypnotic. The feeling of sacredness evoked by the song is perfect for inner world reflection, deep breathing and relaxing. This is therefore a good royalty-free music choice for guided meditations, online yoga classes, different healing practices and therapy sessions. Also suitable for different video and software productions that need royalty-free music. For those who are looking for specific healing frequencies, we offer a 528 hz solfeggio frequency version of this track. Let go of stress, and feel the peace settle as you are safely held by the healing frequencies. 

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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 1 Hour Version, 528 Hz Version