Conscious Vibrations


7:00 Min Short Version – 18$

30 Min Version – 20$

60 Min Version – 24$

528 Hz Version 20 min – 22$


As you listen to this song, let the healing vibrations guide you on a journey within. The comforting warm drone, beautiful harmonies and slow, drifting melodies are all made to have a relaxing effect on you. The rainsticks and the sound of a rising wind encourage slow breathing and introspection, making this song ideal for meditation, healing work, or different therapy methods. It is also perfect for video and software productions that need some relaxing royalty-free music to set the right atmosphere. 

For those who are looking for specific healing frequencies, we have created a 528 hz solfeggio frequency version of this song as well.


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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 60 Min Version, 528 Hz Version