Emotional Balance


4:22 Min Short 528 Hz Version – 18$

30 Min 528 Hz Version – 20$

60 Min 528 Hz Version – 24$

417 Hz Version 20 min – 22$

Find emotional balance with this calm healing royalty-free music. The main composition is tuned to 528 Hz, and we offer one version that is tuned to 417 Hz. This beautiful ambient song contains piano, bansuri flute, garden bamboo chimes, and small aluminum chimes to create the perfect atmosphere of deep relaxation and introspection. It is the perfect song for projects such as meditation, yoga, qigong, reiki, or any type of healing project that wants to assist people in finding emotional balance.


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528 Hz Short Version, 528 Hz 30 Min Version, 528 Hz 60 Min Version, 417 Hz 20 Min Version