Infinite Gratitude


7:51 Min Short Version: 18 $

30 Min Version: 20 $

1 Hour Version: 24 $

396 Hz 20 min Version: 22 $

This is an easy listening composition with a calming effect. Its soft and slow moving harmonies, and the ethereal soundscape invites for introspection and relaxation. The long lasting sustained harmonies help keep you grounded, while the shimmering sounds of chimes, rising cymbals and sound effects add a touch of mystery to it all.
Perfect royalty-free background music for relaxing, yoga, meditation, introspection, background atmosphere, online yoga classes, nature videos and similar.
For those who are looking for specific healing frequencies, we have added a 396 hz solfeggio frequency version of this track as well.

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Short Version, 30 min Version, 1 Hour Version, 396 Hz Version