Waters Of Sacred Love


7:10 Min Short Version: 18$

30 Min Version: 20$

1 Hour Version: 24$

20 min 963 Hz Version: 22$

This music was crafted to comfort and help release tension, taking the listener on a journey into a state of deep peace and tranquility. The airy sounds and beautiful harmonies wash over you in slow, soft waves, while the deep and warm foundation holds everything in place.
This royalty-free music is perfect for any project that wants to bring the listener to a very relaxed state of being, such as a guided meditation, hypnotherapy and different healing modalities. It can also be used as background music for videos that contain spiritual content, footage of nature, or the cosmos.
What’s more, we have created and added a 963 hz solfeggio frequency version of this composition, for those who are looking for this specific healing frequency.

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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 1 Hour Version, 963 Hz Version