Winds Of Change


7:00 Min Short Version – 18$

30 Min Version – 20$

60 Min Version – 24$

396 Hz Version 20 min – 22$

Embrace change and allow healing to happen with this relaxing music. This fairly simple composition has a peaceful ambience, perfect for introspection. With its deep and stable drone, and huge sounding atmospheric synths, it gives the listener a feeling of floating in space. Winds Of Change invites you to dive deeper inside yourself, and is perfect for online yoga classes, spa treatments, therapy sessions, guided meditations, nature videos and any other project that needs particularly relaxing royalty-free music to set the atmosphere. For those who are searching for specific healing frequencies, we have created and added a 396 hz solfeggio frequency version of this track as well.

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Short Version, 30 Min Version, 60 Min Version, 396 Hz Version