Royalty-free music is music that you purchase a license to use legally in your creative projects without having to pay royalties. This does not mean that you can claim ownership of the music or resell or redistribute it as original content.

Royalty-free music is most commonly used in projects such as:

  • Social media and websites
  • Podcasts Movies & Documentaries (students, film festivals)
  • Online streaming services such as: Soundcloud, Amazon Prime, Youtube etc.
  • Apps & video games
  • Guided meditations
  • Vlogs
  • Youtube monetization Corporate Videos

No, you do not have to credit us when you use our music in your projects.

We think it is really nice if you do, and we would love to check out your creation with our music in it(send us a link). But there are no expectations or requirements that you credit us in any way.

When buying music from our platform, copyright claims should not be an issue. We do not list our music in any ContentID services, this means that if you do receive a copyright claim it is not from us. If you do receive a copyright claim, it will be on behalf of someone that has illegally claimed our music ( as their own. Nonetheless, to solve the copyright claim is a simple matter: You login to your Youtube account, press on the copyright claim in question. There should be an option to file a dispute. In your dispute process write that you have bought the license to use this song, and the claim should go away within short notice. What do I do if someone demands proof of license?

Through your purchase you will receive a license document that is proof of your ownership for the particular license in question.

This license document will be full proof that you are in your full rights to use the song in question.

Yes. We think our music would be great for your Podcast.

Most of our songs in our library have one version of the song tuned in one of the solfeggio frequencies as a choice for your purchase.

When you press on the songs you like, find the button that says “Versions – Choose an option”. Here you should encounter 3-4 versions of that song. There will always be 3 different length versions that do not contain frequency, and the 4th version is a solfeggio frequency option. The title in that version will be the frequency you purchase. Example:

A New Day Of Wonders

7:13 Min Short Version – 18$

33 Min Version – 20$

60 Min Version – 24$

417 Hz Version 20 min – 22$

There are other songs in our library that are purely frequency-based music. It will say so in the main title. On these songs every version of that song is tuned to the frequency it says in the title. Example:

963 Hz Expanding Mind

963 Hz – 7 Min Short Version – 18$

963 Hz – 30 Min Version – 20$

963 Hz – 60 Min Version – 24$