What is the root chakra?

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Khalil Gibran

The Sanskrit word for the root chakra is Muladhara. Mula means “root” and Adhara means “support” or “base”. It is associated with the color red and brown, and the element connected with the root chakra is earth. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, along with the underlying three vertebrae. Other parts of the body that relate to the root chakra are the lower back, spine, knees, the pelvis, skeletal system and muscular system.

It is the chakra closest to the earth, and it is the chakra that is responsible for your grounding with mother earth.

The root chakra is all about the primal aspects of life. How you are surviving in this world or your will to live, and our “flight or fight” responses. It is the energy field that governs the experience of safety, basic needs and instincts here on this earthly journey.

The root chakra also gives us information about our family relations, sense of belonging, misconceptions, opinions and grief. Your ability to focus, stay present, feel stable and secure are part of the root chakra. This also includes your sense of dependability, reliability, and self-responsibility.

What causes the root chakra to become unbalanced?

The Muladhara is usually the most constricted and blocked energy field within our bodies. It can easily come out of balance if you have experienced some sort of trauma that relates to your lack of safety and stability growing up. These life lessons can manifest as an imbalance in the root chakra throughout life if we do not transform and heal the experience that caused the trauma in the first place. Growing up in poverty, living in a dangerous place, imbalanced relationship with parental figures, especially the father figure or a lack of father figure altogether, parents that struggle with insecure financial situations, and any type of violence or abuse could all cause an unbalanced root chakra.

To feel connected to and part of the living earth is a crucial part of the overall health and balance of each individual. When we take into consideration that most people alive today are living in big cities with little or no contact with the natural world, it is no wonder that the root chakra is the most constricted and unbalanced chakra within the human race. To heal the root chakra we must as an individual, but also as a species, re-establish our connection with the earth.

The root chakra is the base and foundation for creating an opening of the chakras above. When you work on balancing your ground foundation, it will help to create an energy flow throughout your body, and again affect your overall health immensely.

Other symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra might be:

  • Insecurity
  • Excessive anger and aggression
  • Greed
  • Impatience
  • Obsession with materialistic matter
  • Fears and anxieties

Still unsure if your root chakra needs to be healed or balanced?

Ask yourself these following questions:

  • Do I feel safe in my environment?
  • Am I holding on to grudges toward family members that have caused me pain?
  • Am I spending enough time with nature?
  • Do I feel safe in my own body?
  • Are my basic needs in life covered? – Do I worry a lot over my financial situation?

How can the root chakra be restored to balance through sound healing?

Sound healing is a therapeutic method that uses sound to harmonize the mind and body of a person. During a sound healing session the sound healer can use different instruments and frequencies to balance the chakras. Read more about how and why sound healing is an effective tool to heal the chakras here.

When sound healing is used to balance the root chakra there are different approaches to take. There are different instruments that can be used, musical notes, frequencies, and natural sounds from the earth that all correspond to the energy signature of the root chakra. Let us have a look at each and one of them.

  • Key: C and C#
  • Instruments: Drum, didgeridoo, rattles,
  • Frequencies: Solfeggio Frequency 396 Hz & 432 Hz
  • Seed mantra: LAM
  • Vowel: UH

Healing the root chakra with instruments

The key or musical note that resonates with the root chakra is C and C#.

This means that any singing bowls, tuning forks, gong or other instruments tuned in a C will be in harmonic resonance with the root chakra, and therefore have the ability to restore the root chakra back into balance.

There are several instruments that can be used for root chakra healing. The first one is the drum. Playing, listening or moving to the beat of a drum have the power to clear away stagnant or excessive energy in the root chakra. All types of drums can be used as a means to balance and support the root chakra, however more traditional drums such as shamanic drums and djembe will be especially powerful.

The drum establishes the rhythm and foundation for musical compositions in the same way that the root chakra creates the foundation and base for all of the other chakras.

The drum, or the rhythm a drum makes, has the power to bring a group of people into the same rhythm. This makes the drum a powerful ally to feel connected with both other humans, but also to the earth. According to archeologists, we humans have used drums in different settings as an instrument for over 9000 years. This makes drums the first instrument that humans developed and used.

The didgeridoo is another powerful earth instrument one can listen to or play for balancing the chakras. The didgeridoo produces a wide range of frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with the internal vibration of the subtle chakra system. By playing or listening to a didgeridoo that holds the C note, you are helping and facilitating the release of energetic and emotional stagnation in the root chakra. This again will entrain the root chakra into attunement and balance.

The rattle is another mysterious sound healing tool that has the power to heal the root chakra and clear away any negative energy that needs to go. Compared to the drum, the rattle is seen as the instrument that comes in to finish a nearly completed job, and deal with what’s left over. It is an instrument that contains all the elements; earth, air, water and fire.

In shamanic practices the rattle is used to cleanse and purify, and call home parts of the soul that have been lost in the past, in a particular place or in a relationship. It is also used in ceremonies to call in spirits, helpers, allies and guides.

When you use the rattle for root chakra healing, shake it up and down in the abdominal area and become aware of the feeling that comes up as you do. If there is anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear that is stored in the root chakra, stay with it. Be present with it. Allow yourself to feel it. When you have identified the feelings stuck in your root chakra, you can choose to release them to the earth, sky, or spirit world.

Another way to work with the rattle for healing the root chakra is to dance with it. Dance connects you to your body, your surroundings and particularly your inner warrior. Hold one or two rattles in your hand and start moving. Become conscious of your body and in particular your feets. Feel how the earth holds you. Stomp, move, shake your feet in rhythm with the rattles in your hands. Dance and move out your anger, shame, rage, fear and sadness.

Healing the root chakra with frequencies

When we use a specific frequency to heal the root chakra, we use frequencies that are in harmonic resonance with the subtle energy system of the root chakra. This harmonic resonance occurs because the external frequency wave comes into contact with the root chakra, and it causes the root chakra to vibrate at the same frequency as the external frequency wave. The 396 Hz in the Solfeggio Scale is one of the frequencies that has proven to be effective to restore balance in the root chakra. Another frequency is 432 Hz.

396 Hz (Ut) – Liberating Guilt and Fear

This frequency is known for liberating guilt and fear. Additionally, it can be used for achieving goals, since it helps to clear obstacles that stem from feelings of fear, guilt, grief or worrying. It helps to bring down defense mechanisms and is great for grounding, sobering and returning to reality.

It is no wonder that this tone resonates with the root chakra. The root chakra is what anchors, or grounds us. When it’s open, you’ll find yourself feeling more stable, and better able to take care of yourself.

When listening to this particular frequency, it can help to be aware of your body’s physical contact with the ground.

432 Hz – The Earth Frequency

432 Hz resonates musically with the Schuman resonance at 8 Hz, also referred to as the heartbeat of the earth. The reason why 432 Hz and the 8 Hz of the Schuman resonance resonate with each other is because if we tune an instrument to 432 Hz and play a C note, we get 256 Hz. Due to the sympathetic resonance of the overtone of the note, it will produce another C at exactly 8 Hz. Any music produced at 432 Hz will be in harmony with the frequency of Earth, and thus have a healing impact on the listener.

We know that the root chakra is responsible for the energy flow from the earth into our body, as well as our energetic connection back to the earth. It is no wonder that music tuned to 432 Hz has a healing effect on the root chakra, and the overall well-being of the listener.

Healing the root chakra with the earth and earth sounds

There is no greater sound healer for the root chakra than the natural sounds and frequencies of mother earth. The root chakra is your energetic connection with mother earth. Heal and restore balance to the root chakra by being outside in nature, feel the earth underneath your feet, breathe in the clean air of the forest and listen to the natural sounds surrounding you.
Allow the earth to heal you and charge your body with life force energy.

Healing the root chakra with seed mantra or vowel:

You can also use your own voice to chant vowels and mantras to balance your root chakra. In the east the sound of the chakras is associated with their Beeja or seed mantras. A seed mantra is a one word mantra used to strengthen the energy of the root chakra. The seed syllable used for the root chakra is LAM.

When you chant the word LAM, pronounce it as LUHM.

In the western world each chakra is associated with a vowel. Sing the vowel UH to give strength and balance to the root chakra.


There are many ways you can use sound to strengthen and restore balance to your root chakra. Every individual is unique, and not one thing works for everyone. The best way to figure out what works best for you or your client is to listen to the body and feel the changes invoked through sound. Do more of what works, and do less of what does not work.

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