Symptoms of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra might be:

  • Fears of rejection
  • Low self-esteem
  • Distorted self-image
  • The need for approval from others
  • Shame of having your secrets discovered
  • Poor decision making
  • Hard time acting and getting things done
  • Fatigue or laziness
  • Physical symptoms
  • Illnesses related to the digestive system and diabetes
  • Eating disorders

Still unsure if your solar plexus chakra needs to be healed and balanced?

Ask yourself these following questions:

  • Do I feel that I am good enough for myself and the world around me?
  • Do I believe in myself and my unique contributions to the world?
  • Do I feel that I am accepted just the way I am, with all my flaws and skills?
  • Do I feel in control of my own life?
  • Am I following my dream and my passion?
  • Am I living the life that I want?

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