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The Sanskrit word for the solar plexus chakra is Manipura and can be translated into “the city of jewels”. The color of the third chakra is yellow and the element associated with the solar plexus chakra is fire. The Manipura is located in the solar plexus area and is the energy center of self-esteem, assurance, confidence, warrior energy and willpower. This particular chakra is linked to how you feel about yourself and how you see yourself. It is our “personal power and authority” chakra, where our ability to take on responsibility is and live out a life with purpose. We can say it is the “headquarter” of our personality. The aspect of our complex being that helps us adapt into the norms of society through our personal strength, adaptability, intentions and willpower. Physically the Solar Plexus chakra is connected with the liver, pancreas, adrenals, and stomach.

The Manipura is represented by the sun and thought of as the center of a person’s strength and vitality. A balanced solar chakra allows you to have healthy boundaries and be at peace with yourself. Confidence and self-love is a key quality of a balanced solar plexus chakra. You are cheerful and optimistic. You have respect and compassion both for yourself and for others. You feel comfortable expressing your feelings with honesty. You trust yourself and have the courage to act if something needs to be improved in your life. You will feel confidence in yourself and that you got what it takes to master your life.

If there is a blockage around the solar plexus chakra, your conviction will be very unreliable. If there is only a little blockage, there may simply be insecurity in one specific area. A greater blockage will cause self-respect issues. You might be convinced that you are not good enough. You may also feel unfit to accept a supportive lesson from life’s difficulties.
Physical difficulties associated with a blocked solar plexus chakra may manifest as fatigue, overeating, weight gain, especially in the stomach area, low blood sugar and diabetes.

If you are experiencing an unbalanced Solar Plexus chakra, it may be due to events or circumstances that have caused you to feel like you are losing control over your life, who you are, your worth, and what your purpose for being alive is. Causes like stress, illness and conflicts may also tip your solar plexus off balance.

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